(69 Michi) WEBTOON Techniques 101 [By an Original Creator] [Eng]
(69 Michi) WEBTOON Techniques 101 [By an Original Creator] [Eng]

(69 Michi) WEBTOON Techniques 101 [By an Original Creator] [Eng]


Everything off the top of my head that I think would benefit you on your webcomic journey. Created for #ClipStudioTips2020 More Clip Studio Tips here: https://tips.clip-studio.com/ Text version: https://tips.clip-studio.com/en-us/ar... If you like this tutorial, please consider liking my article/leave a comment! It'll help me a lot :D -- I stream art a lot, pay me a visit @ twitch.tv/69Michi Twitter / Instagram: @69Michichi Contact me @ michilicious69@yahoo.com Read my webtoon: https://bit.ly/OfficialRebirth

Timestamps: 0:00 - Introduction 0:56 - What’s a Webtoon / intro to scrolling format 1:30 - How to set up your file in Clip Studio Paint /sizing 2:52 - Templates (you can use these to easily set up organization systems you usually do all the time) 5:09 - Storyboard (VERTICAL VERTICAL VERTICAL). 6:04 - Scene transitions!! (These are super cool, I’ll try these during my next episode. Thank you 💕) 10:25 - Action scenes 🤺 13:01 - Spacing!! (IMO one of the most important things for new Webtoon artists to learn) 14:13 - Bubbling (you should NEVER have to zoom in to read the dialog in a Webtoon, it breaks immersion) 16:26 - What are auto actions? (your new best friend lmao) 17:17 - Shading (lasso fill is also one of my favorite tools for shading, I do a pretty similar technique. I recommend moving it to your selection tool box instead of in your shape tool box, since I use them together a lot) 17:55 - Sub view! Helps color pick quick! You can also get “Pure Ref” to store reference images on an infinite canvas. 19:08 - Registered materials! A major timesaver tbh. Make sure to keep them neatly labeled and in folders so they’re easy to find. 20:09 - Lineart (These tips work way better on vector layers. The vector eraser saves so much time) 22:13 - Backgrounds - 3d models, photobashing with images you the proper rights to. 24:48 - Typography for sfx (Rip my handwriting). I recommend registering common ones as brushes or materials. 26:00 - exporting to webtoon / tapas 27:06 - wrap up!! Resource links in description Thank you so much for sharing this info with us!! I learned some new things and I’m excited to try them out ☺️✨

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